We are the Health Technicians!

The Healthicians started as a merging of two companies that worked synergistically to maximize the health and looks of people. Having someone that specializes on the inside and someone that specializes on the outside working together makes a dream team for those searching results. Our philosophy is science based, with a holistic approach. Our goal is to make you the healthiest, most energetic, and most attractive human being you can possibly be, and we mean this!


We have a fun, knowledgeable team of experts who are creative thought leaders and are passionate about helping with your goals.

Meet Our Team

Our team of experts is here to work with you to create a skincare, health and wellness regimen tailored to your goals. Together, we bring over 25 years of experience.

Raul Hiteshew

Functional Nutritionist

Specializing in Functional Nutrition, Raul has worked with some of the top alternative medical doctors in the country, where he studied genetics, hormonal health, orthomolecular nutrition, functional medicine, and strategies for using genetics to our advantage. With 13 years of experience, Raul has mastered the most effective and safe approaches to making people healthier as well as altering body compositions while maintaining a vibrant high-energy lifestyle.

Heather May

Master Esthetician

A licensed esthetician that understands that true skin health is rarely achieved through “one-size-fits-most” strategies. Heather has 20 years of experience. She says “My passion is to enhance my clients’ overall wellness and ensure that they are empowered to look, feel, and be their very best.”

Alexandra Gault

Master Esthetician

A State Board certified aesthetician and professional published and certified makeup and lash artist. Alexandra says “Over the past eight years, I’ve grown my passion, specializing in bridal, headshots, editorial, fashion, makeup, and in-depth skin care services and education.”

Clay Roelle, RN

Registered Nurse/Certified Injector

A registered nurse and certified injector from Orange County, California. Clay pursued his degree in Kennesaw State University, where he graduated in 2019 Cum Laude with a bachelors of science in nursing. Clay is currently continuing education as a nurse practitioner at KSU with an expected graduation date Fall 2021.

Dr. Arvind Chakravarthy

Medical Director


After undergraduate education at the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University School of Medicine for medical school, Arvind spent three years at Drexel University College of Medicine for residency before moving down to the Atlanta region. Dr. Chakravarthy is now a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician and has worked in several hospitals in Metro Atlanta over the past decade. He is currently in pursuit of his MBA from the University of Texas - Dallas. Dr. AC has developed an affinity towards the anti-aging movement which he believes can be achieved thru diet, exercise, supplements, and rejuvenation methods. “I truly believe 60 can be the new 40…”

Picture Coming Soon

Ashlyn Hiteshew

HR / Accounting

Lindsay Pede, R.N

Registered Nurse/Certified Injector

After a brief foray into Corporate America and the birth of her first child, Lindsay fell in love with all things health and wellness related. Eventually, this led Lindsay to pursue a second degree in nursing at Emory University with the goal of helping people achieve optimal health. She began specializing in neurotoxins and laser treatments over a year ago and she’s excited to work in aesthetics and help clients from the inside out, focusing not just on the external but on the whole body. Fun fact, Lindsay is also a certified yoga teacher! 

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