Facials & Peels

Your skin is constantly changing, and making facials a regular part of your skincare regimen can help improve your overall skin health and achieve longer-lasting results. Our experts at The Healthicians are focused on providing uniquely customized, luxurious skin care treatments suited just for you and designed to enhance clarity, promote vibrancy, and support overall wellness.


Chemical peels are safe and effective for all skin types and can deliver dramatic results and reveal healthier, glowing skin with little downtime. Improve surface texture, reduce inflammation, and achieve a more youthful glow by scheduling your private consultation today.

- Isomer Peel ($250)

- V-line Peel / Mask ($180)

- Customized Peels ($150 - $250)

- PRX T33 Peel ($250 for 1 and $800 for 4)


- Microdermabrasion Facial ($125 & up)

- Vampire Facial with PRP ($880)

- Customized European Facial ($95 & up)

- Facial Toning ($125)

- Facial Toning with V-line Tight Mask ($165)

- Sculplla: Half Face with Celluma ($125)

- Sculplla: Full Face with Celluma ($185)

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