Bloodwork, Nutrition & Food Testing

We believe true health starts from within, we also believe that being healthy on the inside is reflected on the outside. Your skin, eyes, nails, hair all need to have the proper amount of nutrients in order to be healthy. Your body also needs to be able to break down and process these nutrients coming in. This is why we offer different types of testing depending on each individual in order to optimize nutrient uptake, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy digestion and hormonal output.


In order to have a long, vibrant life is recommended to eat a healthy, balanced diet that is sustainable and that is suitable for you and your lifestyle. A diet that will keep you away from illness and slows down the aging process. We also offer food sensitivities, food allergens and additives testing to make sure you are eating the right foods and staying away from those nutrients that may trouble your gut and overall health.


At The Healthicians, we offer in-depth testing for different blood markers, hormones, thyroid, microbiome, and more. Checking on simple markers is good, as it tells us what’s wrong and what we need to fix. However, extensive testing tells us not only what’s wrong, but what the cause of the problem is.

What We Offer

- Metabolic Panel

- Hormone and thyroid

- Vitamins and micronutrients

- Inflammation and cardiac health

- Diabetes and genetic markers

- Food sensitivities, allergens, additives, and inhalants

- Neurotransmitters, organic acids, salivary hormones

- Gut bacteria and urine

- Micro-toxins, environmental toxins and heavy metals

- IBS and IBD

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